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LCD Inverters

LCD Inverters carry 90-Day warranty Inverter board for LCD panel Liquid crystal display (LCD) panels are used in various applications ranging from smaller portable electronic equipment to larger fixed location units. The LCD panel itself cannot emit light. Therefore, a backlight system that supplies the light from behind is normally required. Currently, the most commonly used light emitting device is a fluorescent tube called a cold cathode tube or CCFL. A special power supply, the inverter, which generates approximately 1000 to 1500V AC is required to drive a CCFL. This inverter is a small power supply used to make this CCFL illuminate, and is one of the important functional parts of a complete LCD display. Electronica make available for the after-sale market a wide range of Original Inverter board for the repair of LCD panel used in the new generation of LCD TV. The Original Inverter are originally mounted on the LCD panels that the major panel maker , like AUO, CMO, LG, SAMSUNG etc., supply to the worldwide LCD TV manufacturers. You can check the availability of the required inverter with the Search Button Above