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$49.90 $29.94
53 available for immediate delivery
47" Full Set of Replacement LED Backlights (3R1+3L1+3R2+3L2)(54 Lens) Will Replace AGF78180201, AGF78240801 6916L-1174A 6916L-1175A 6916L-1176A 6916L-1177A 6916L-1359A 6916L-1360A 6916L-1361A 6916L-1362A
Mfg Part No: AGF78400801 Found in these brands and models:
Brand Model
LG 47LA6200-UA, 47LA6136-ZB, 47LA613S-ZB, 47LA620S-ZA, 47LA6218-ZD, 47LA6208-ZA, 47LA620V-ZA, 47LA621S-ZD, 47LA621S-ZD, 47LA521V-ZD, 47LA616V-ZG, 47LA613V-ZB, 47LA613S-ZA, 47LA6130-ZB,  47LA613V-ZG, 47LA613V-ZF, 47LA615V-ZF, 47LA615V-ZE, 47LA615S-ZA, 47LA615S-ZB, 47LA615V-ZA, 47LA615V-ZB, 47LN570V-ZA, 47LN570U-ZA, 47LA570S-ZA, 47LA6150-ZB, 47LA6156-ZB, 47LN5707-ZA, 47LN4708-ZA, 47LN570R-ZA, 47LA6154-ZB, 47LN540U-ZA, 47LN540U-ZB, 47LN540V-ZA, 47LN541U-ZB, 47LN541V-ZC, 47LN547V-ZD, 47LN540R-Z, 47LN540B-ZA, 47LN570U-ZA, 47LN570V-ZA, 47LN5788-ZE, 47LN610S-ZB, 47LN578S-ZE, 47LN578V-ZE, 47LN610S-ZB, 47LN6108-ZB, 47LN610V-ZB, 47LN613S-ZB, 47LN6138-ZB, 47LN613V-ZB, 47LN577V-ZK, 47LN577S-ZK, 47LN570S-ZE, 47LN570V-ZE, 47LN5708-ZE,  47LN5758-ZE, 47WL30MS-D, 47LN575S-ZE, 47LN575V-ZE, 47LN575S-ZE, 47LN575R-ZE, 47LN575U-ZE, 47LN5708-ZE, 47LN5757-ZE, 47LN5778-ZK, 47LM8600-UC, 47LN5700-UA, 57LN5400-UA, 47LN5750-UH, 47LN5200-UA, 47LN5200-UB, 47LN5790-UI, 47LN5400-ZA, 47LN5403-ZA, 47LN5405-ZA, 47LN5404-ZA, 47LN5406-ZA
Skyworth 47E380S
Vizio E470I-A0
For Panel Number(s):LC470DUE-SFR1|LC470DUG-JFR1| LC470DUE-SFR2| LC470DUE-SFR3| LC470DUE-SFR4| LC470DUE-SFU2| LC470DUE-SFU2| LC470DUE-SFU3| LC470DUE-SFU4| LD470DUE-SFR1