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42" DRT3.0 Full Set of Backlight Strips (4 A-Type & 4 B-Type) Contains these types of Strips:6916L-1656A/6916L-1957A or 6916L-1956B/6916L-1957B or 6916L-1956C/6916L-1957C or 6919L-1956E/6916L-1957E or 6916L-1709A/6916L-1710A or 6916L-1709B/6916L-1710B or 6916L-1709C/6916L-1710C
Mfg Part No: AGF78402101 Found in these brands and models:
Brand Model
LG 42LB5500-UC  42LB5800-UG  42LB6500-UM  42LF5600-UB  42LB5600-UZ  42LF5800-UA  42LF5600-UB  42LY340C-UA  42LX330C-UA 42LB6300-UQ
Panel Sticker Number: LC420DUE-(FG)(A3), LC420DUE-MGAQ