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LED Tester 0-300V Smart-Fit Voltage Backlight Tester Tool for All Size LED TV Laptop Detect Repair LED TV backlight problems are always increasingly common. As we know, slight tension Change can have a great impact on TV function. To have a useful tool which is as LED Backlight tester. Using this tool, you can use the LED screen backlight problem quickly. With the function, operating voltage, you can use the exact problem. If there is something wrong with LED light group, you can use it or replace the bad LED beads. Product description: Model No.: GDV300/GJ2C Input voltage: 85-265 AC V Output voltage: 0-300 V Notice: Please, if you are used to the LED lamps finished, unplug the power supply before! Because it is likely to form a loop, which in Abnormal test! Additional application: The capacitance voltage The voltage regulator worth 3 lamp drive voltage test! Examination skills: Plug IN POWER, it can be used after 5 to 10 seconds (first time, the tester needs to warm up!). Soft Start mode make the backlight brighter always slow. No burning, if you can not make the "+" and "-", do not connect the probes to the LED will be tested for a long time. Open ciruit protection: Do not touch the output terminal of probes for a long time. It is safe for Touch the probes in the shortest time. Double isolate design makes our testers safety with high strength and flame retardant materials. Safe / smart / precise / highly efficient Double isolated safe protection no burning, no electric shock, voltage and current intellgent setting, High brightness disassemble no need. Single LED light bar backlight check: make sure the anode and cathode. connect the probes to the anode and the cathode. light up the single LED light bar backlight. light up the double LED light bar backlight. Package include: 1x Tester 2X gold plated Test Leads